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Top Web Design Trends 2019

Get To Know The Top Web Design Trends 2019 

You have come to the right article if you want to find out about the best web design trends 2019

Read through this post and you will have ideas on how you can make use of these trends for your website. 

Designing a great website helps you achieve your goals and it can be quite challenging. But if you are serious about getting the best website that you possibly can, then you are going to have two options for that. 

First is you can call up Web Design Services and discuss with them all the specifications you want. 

If you do that, then you can get a great website no doubt, but that is going to cost you money. The amount is going to depend on what kind of website you are aiming for. 

The other thing is if you take matters in your own hands and design the website yourself, then that is what we would be discussing here. 

web design trends 2019


7 Best Web Design Trends 2019 for Building the Best Website 

In this section, not only will you get to learn about the best web design trends 2019, but you will also get ideas on the ways in which you will be able to implement them. 

So, let us go ahead and check all of that out without any further ado. 

Better Mobile Navigability 

It is not new that the more mobile-friendly the design of your website is the better it is going to work and rank well in SERPs

However, there are more nuances to it than just ‘mobile-friendliness’ which is just the umbrella term. 

In 2019, the differentiating factor is going to be the ‘thumb-friendliness’ of the website layout. So, people will be able to move around through your website with just their thumbs. 

How that will turn out totally depends on the different components that you use on your website.

The Contrast Between Black and White 

The more noticeable you can make your website or parts of it, the more attention it is going to draw. Along with that, all the benefits are going to come with the visitors staying longer on your website. 

Using contrasting colors is a great way to do that, and a rather simple one. In 2019, we are going to see more and more of a contrast between black and white. 

No matter what the theme of your website might be, with a little bit of creativity, you can make use of this. A great example of this would be if you want some text content with illustrations to pop out. 

Interactions at Minute Levels 

The idea is to do new things to grab the visitor’s attention in the best possible manner. 

A great way in which you will be able to do that with your website is to incorporate micro-interactions. 

The visitors are going to have interesting things to click on at every corner of the website. Thus more session time for you, and with that, there comes the possibility of finding new things on your website. 

We see this in blogs as well as eCommerce websites. You can have this on your website as well with that extra touch of your own creativity. 

Use of Relatively Unorthodox Shapes

We have all seen websites from different companies that apply different kinds of designs. But, they have done it so much and for so long that they look more or less the same. 

This year, we are getting to see some changes in this and there are more organic shapes in use. 

Right up front, these shapes look really refreshing and will definitely catch your eye. Almost like a cartoonish appearance that looks very interesting. 

A welcome change from all the blocky shapes that were so common. On top of that, this can be a really great way to incorporate a storytelling mindset. 

Better Chatbots 

Chatbots have been a very useful thing, especially for websites that require direct communication. This technology has become more and more popular these days. 

And now in 2019, we are seeing more custom features from Chatbots. Web Design Malta does great work for that. 

There are chatbots on more websites now than ever before with a much wider scope for usage. You can set these up to collect reviews and testimonials on the go. 

On the same note, you can also collect immediate feedback or draw attention to important sections of your website. Thus, applying this form of machine learning technology, you will be able to make your website that much more interactive. 

Minimalistic Designs 

A 180° turnaround from all the intricate designs that we get to see on websites at present is the minimalistic designs. Minimalism is on the rise in web design trends 2019 and is working rather well. 

Now minimalism in web design does not mean boring and is exactly the opposite of that. 

Picking a color theme, designers are using almost similar shades to make things look a lot more interesting. And that is resulting in faster page load times among all other things. 

So, if you can get minimalistic with your website design, then that can work really well for you in 2019. 

More Videos 

Video content is the thing to go for if you want visitors to stay longer on your website. More and more people are watching videos and that has come on to web design trends 2019 as well. 

Other than that, if you have videos on your website, then you can get SEO benefits too. 

So, try to produce more videos for your website and smartly incorporate them into your web design framework. 

You will get to see changes in results really quickly. 

Concluding Remark

As you can see that there are too many different tools, available to us today. Website design has become a lot easier, and albeit a lot better. That is a good reason why we have such great web design trends 2019

But it is the craftsman that makes the real difference, much less the tools he or she is using. 

You will have to be really creative and figure out ways to use these to your advantage. As if you do not do that, your website is very likely to look similar to most others, available online. 

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